Launched in 2019, Saahel draws its inspiration from the African heritage, and the original and colorful prints African artisans and tailors - use to manufacture our designs - all at affordable prices.

Our brand focuses on serving the SAAHEL woman’s needs and fulfilling her fashion desires. The variety of fabrics, ranging from Wax, to Indigo passing by Bogolan and Kente, coupled to a craftsmanship acquired throughout the years, translate into the making of original and colorful collections, worn by our customers, wherever they are in the world.

Our ultimate goal is to establish an international footprint – to allow the world to access original MADE IN AFRICA COLLECTIONS that dress la FEMME SAAHEL. In so doing, we will contribute to expose the immense talent of African designers, tailors, shoemakers and jewelers, and contribute to the socio-economic development of the fashion industry of the continent. Our Company is based in Paris, (France) Lomé (Togo), Atlanta (USA) and Dakar (Senegal).

Born out of the realization of a strong need for fashion rooted in African fabrics, Saahel responds to a pent-up demand from places all over the world.

A brainchild of a group of women entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds, Saahel translates their passion and vision for an original line of clothing, into reality, with a high-quality collection at an extremely competitive price. Our hope, each time you pass our doorstep online is to entice you with the charm of our wide range of unprecedented articles of fashion, and a service you can enjoy. We remain at your disposal for any question you may have and wish you a pleasant shopping experience !

The founders

Morénike MC FAAL
Morénike has a diverse background in Conference Interpretation, writing, and medical studies.

She has kept intact the passion of her young modelling years in Paris, to share her enduring fascination for original fabrics from all over the world. From vision, Saahel, has turned into a reality rooted in innovation, creativity, and a singular focus on your satisfaction as our client.

Léopoldine KETEMEPI
An expert in finance, Léopoldine is also an entrepreneur at heart.
This background together with her love for aesthetics and fashion, her excellent knowledge of the African continent, as well as her managerial qualities, naturally led her to join Morénike, in the creation of Saahel – the emerging product of a great global adventure of two friends in the world of African fashion.

The workshop

At the heart of our collections, our professional tailors and workshops of Dakar and Lomé.

These traditional artisans, often with several years of experience in the trade, spearhead our efforts to deliver in a timely manner, your choice of tailor-made or high-quality ready-to-wear : dresses, pagnes, and western outfits manufactured with African prints, our best selection from the local markets – woven textiles, Wax, Woodin, Bazin or Bogolan - in shimmering colors.