Welcome to the Makkaan and Tarama collections!

Welcome to the Makkaan and Tarama collections!

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Hello All,

We are almost in June, heading towards summer.

As promised, the Makkaan Men’s collection will be released in a couple of weeks for you to shop for sunny days – The Dashiki tops, along with colorful traditional and modern T-shirts, sweatshirts, pants and shorts will be on our shelves, along with leather sandals available for a grab. They are ideal for everyday life, strolls on the beach, or cool afternoons, and will nicely complement your wardrobe.

Ladies, your collection of clothes in silk, Woodin, Indigo, Bazin and Kente is also entering the final stages of making. They are still traditional in texture, but extremely contemporary in patterns. You’ll enjoy them for dressy evenings or less formal occasions.

This summer, wooding is featuring - “Finesse de Woodin”. The dresses Saahel is proposing in this fabric are made with prints which follow a global trend of colored floral patterns with special selvedge. Very fresh, bright and warm hues with gold embellishment revealing a trendy and chic look.

Saahel’s summer outfits have been designed to keep our men handsome and our ladies beautiful, while making it simple. The designs are original, airy, colorful and easy to wear. But here’s the thing. Our jewelry and shoes won’t part ways with this collection.

Something to remember – our Sales season has started. 25% off on ALL items. Go look what’s happening in store at www.saahel.us

As usual, it’s been a pleasure spending a moment with you.

Stay safe until next week!

Morenike McFaal

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