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Hello Saahel’s Family!


March 2022… I hope you are all doing well.


This blog will be shorter than usual as I am running around. I wanted to take a few minutes though to let you know – as promised – that Les Indigos de Saahel, our latest collection will be in our online store the last week of March 2022.

We had a lot of fun shooting the girls in Africa, in different locations – in the midst of a city market, by the beach, or in a studio. Kudos to our photographer, Levi! T

The dresses, as you’ll be able to see, have been made in all shades of blue: light like a summer sky, dark blue like a tropical night, or in the middle with mix patterns. We are offering you some variety for all occasions – casual, evening cocktail, chill mode. Your choice.

We will announce again the arrival of this beautiful and original collection in about two weeks. Stay tuned! And once you have a moment, go visit our store at www.saahel.us to shop to your liking.

Always a pleasure to chat with you.

The team is working hard to make you happy and satisfied.

Thanks for your support, Saahel’s family!

Talk to you soon!


Morenike McFaal

Founder & CEO

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