Fresh Looks in store for the Summer…

Fresh Looks in store for the Summer…

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April 18, 2022,


Hello Saahel Family,


A quick stop in my busy day to check on you all and send you a few words from Saahel &Team. As you’ve probably seen, Les Bleus de Saahel, the new Indigo Collection is out and in-store for you to purchase. Those designs are permanent and you can buy them anytime… so, please check our boutique at

Gentlemen, our brand new Indigo shirts are coming out in May along with the Summer Collection for men and women. Truly stunning outfits with a fresh look for the sunny days – beaches, tropical nights, fancy restaurants, casuals walks on the street, and why not just chilling at home. Sexy dresses, skirts -- long and short -- stylish jumpers, light coats, shirts and obviously – the usuals -- shoes and accessories complete our collection  for your delight.

Our team is hard at work – not only to please your eyes, but to make you comfortable in everyday clothes. I hope you’ll like it!

When will this “floating collection” be ready? The forecast says end of May. You can imagine our excitement in making this happen. Saahel’s ultimate goal is to offer each and every one of you the best quality designs and service.

And now, what else is new?

On a more personal note, SALOU, the novel is coming out, in May, first, in its English version. Then, by end of year, in French. It is a deep and enthralling story that will keep you awake at night and on your toes throughout. The minute it is officially released, I’ll let you know. So, stay tuned and be safe!

Morenike McFaal

Founder & CEO of SAAHEL

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