Hello Saahel Family

Hello Saahel Family

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Hello Saahel Family,

It’s been a while since I dropped a line. I haven’t forgotten about you. The past months have been

extremely hectic with the publishing of my novel, SALOU. Very exciting times, but at the same time, a lot

to do to bring the news forward, announce the book release and trigger all related marketing campaigns.

By the way, if you are avid readers of beautiful love stories based on true events – SALOU is for you! You

can order it from Amazon and Barnes & Noble or visit my author website at www.morenikemcfaal.com to

read more about the story and purchase it if you like. You know the author, we are family, so if you have

any questions at all, don’t hesitate to ask.

On SAAHEL front, we never stopped working for you. The new collection is going to be more

sophisticated with its coats in Bogolan, straight from Guinea Conakry, its silk and organza dresses for

every day and its evening cocktails. Comfortable jumpsuits are also in the making for you ladies. And for

you gentlemen, there will be long fashionable coats as well, and shirts in Kente imprints for different

occasions. This is the first collection for 2023. We are planning to launch another one in the Fall – around


SAAHEL and Team are also planning to organize Pop-Ups this year to be physically present somewhere

in Africa, in Europe and in America. We will let you know when and where they will happen, the minute

we are ready to go.

This will certainly be an opportunity for you to meet our team, for us to meet you, and have a moment of

fun around SAAHEL collections.

Stay tuned guys!

Morenike McFaal

SAAHEL Founder


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