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Hello Saahel Family,

I hope that each and every one of you is doing perfectly well. We are in May. Spring is here for those living in the western hemisphere and summer is around the corner for anyone of you located in another part of the world. In between then and now, Saahel has been busy preparing its next collection, SONGHAI, which is scheduled to be launched in upcoming June.

SONGHAI collection is down to earth, practical, but vivid in colors and stylish in design. A mix of outfits made of indigo, cotton, woodin and kente. Dresses, skirts, pants, summer coats for women and very cool shirts for men. Our designers are still at work producing those outfits for you – the ones that you’ll hopefully enjoy wearing on different occasions – evening parties, work, or even strolls on the beach.

SAAHEL’s brand reads - made in Sub-Saharan Africa - but it is in fact for any woman or man who enjoys contemporary patterns, made of beautiful, solid, prints.

We are also thinking about launching a Pop-Up store soon in Abidjan, Cote d’ Ivoire. Yes, your heard it right! That could happen in June or in July. Stay tuned friends, we will get back to you on this the minute our plans are finalized.

It’s been a pleasure dropping these few lines to you to connect and let you know how things are going on our side and what’s coming next, hoping that you are doing fine.

Talk to you soon guys!

Morenike McFaal

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