Saahel Spirit

Saahel Spirit

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One of the biggest challenges for the modern woman today, is to succeed in striking a balance between the hectic and busy life she leads and the time she needs to take care of herself. At the heart of this reality lies fashion - this faithful companion who stands by our side during a business day, an afternoon with friends, a stroll in the park, or a romantic evening.

Fashion is universal. It has always been. It will always be.

Yet, new trends are constantly emerging to dress women and make them aware that the pursuit of elegance should be relentless, to continue to seduce, to please, but even more, to feel good about themselves. With these trends, come innovative designers, dressmakers, and a renewed sense of fashion that crosses oceans to reach the coasts of Africa. Lomé. Dakar. Abidjan. It is in this cradle, that Saahel was born, a day of 2019, to translate its founders’ vision into reality - dress the women of the world, in elegant and original outfits, made of African prints, marrying femininity with levelheadedness.

These designs are made of shimmering and rich colors and resistant textures, despite their apparent fluidity. In our brand-new online boutique, we built a collection that matches la Femme Saahel and captures her indomitable spirit. She is feminine, modern, self-confident, and fierceless. With such traits, the Saahel woman, stands ready to meet challenges ahead, with power and strength. She considers herself a warrior, swathed in beautiful pagnes and gowns flowing over high heels. She travels the world.

“Saahel makes clothes. You define Fashion.”

Morenike McFaal Co-Founder

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