Upcoming Events on Saahel.us

Upcoming Events on Saahel.us

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Hello Saahel Friends!

It’s been about a month since we connected through our Blog. In the interim, Saahel was launched, and the world has been under the weather with Covid19. We hope that you are all well and safe and pray for the quick eradication of the virus which has already claimed thousands of lives worldwide.

In these moments in which you are striving to remain healthy, Saahel is pleased to bring a smile on your face. Our team remains fully dedicated to providing each of you, with the ultimate shopping experience, hoping you will enjoy it.

So, what happened since your last visit in this corner of our Boutique?

Saahel is announcing the upcoming opening of a line of clothing for men – not immediately as prominent as the ladies’ collections, but, yes, gents will be joining our family soon. Speaking of which, our team – tailors, jewelers, shoemakers, and bag manufacturers – are currently working hard to complete our summer lineup.

To that end, for you ladies, we have been thinking - of colorful dresses, skirts, shorts, robes, gowns, kimonos, and swimsuits in light fabric, to accommodate your days and evenings. It will come with new stylish and handmade jewels and bags. And for the gents, Dashiki shirts for casual use. Not to forget comfortable and supple leather sandals.

Another line of thought has been around clothing and accessories that would provide you with an edge in the new trend of zoom meetings.

In the spirit of what we have always hope to be a very interactive discussion forum, please feel free to provide us with your comments and suggestions on these and every other subject you deem useful.

Before closing, I would like to take a minute to personally thank you for your continuing support and encouragement. It means a lot to us.

Let’s talk soon!

Morenike McFaal Co-Founder

Saahel Makes Clothes. You Design Fashion

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