Summer is coming...

Summer is coming...

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Welcome again Saahel friends.

We are slowly moving towards the summer! We are happy you have kept well and safe.

Saahel is striving to keep its promise to present you with new designs. Things are moving along fine and according to schedule. In preparation for the upcoming sunny days dressing up for the season and time to kiss Covid-19 goodbye, entitle yourself to the pleasure of the eyes.

Women first. Your choices are variées. Would you want to go for a stroll by the beach –swimwear and “pareos” in tropical colors are there to be “picard”. Would your desire be to go out to visit friends or relatives, enjoy a meal at home, go to a restaurant or just revel in pure relaxation, aerial dresses, sexy shorts will be your best partners. After all, we have been confined for some time now, and a bowl of fresh air will surely be deserved.

There will also certainly be lively parties, intimate dinners, and night outings to enliven your summer lives. And for those events, you will find the suitable wear among the flared dresses in silk fabric or in pure rich Bazin, skirts and pants in wax or in woodin cloth, unless you choose to be the most elegant in a floor-length “boubou”.

Accessories going along with your outfits won’t be missing - genuine leather, bronze, or pearl necklaces and earrings. Not to forget of course, bags and comfortable flip-flops.

Now for you men, the introductory line bears a cool flair – the dashiki shirts and their matching bermudas will be a must wear for outdoors activities. Not sure if we mentioned it, but there is a line of shoes for men too - open and closed sandals, in supple leather. For dressy evenings, traditional embroidered shirts you can easily wear over your pants will be top.

Last news of the week: End of Covid-19 sales are coming soon!

Stay tuned and stay safe!

Morenike McFaal

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